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About Ma’at em Maakheru Amen


High Priestess, Maat em Maakheru Amen

Ma’at em Maakheru Amen is a Brain Balanced, Kemetic & Olmec High Priestess, Yoruba Initiate, author of the books: UnWOMBded: Unlocking the Universal Uterus and Whatz In Your Womb.  She is a trained and experienced veteran in many healing modalities.  However, her continued expertise at providing evolutionary communication is her claim to fame.  She is the originator of the Womb Evolution program which is a reinstating and evolution of a program that Ma’at began over 13 years ago with her first business, the URban Energy Center. Now with over 15 years of experience with a variety of women’s lifestyle situations including her own, she is divinely equipped and expertly trained to guide an individual through a total evolution of what we think of as the Womb.  She currently offers training through a consortium in which she co-founded, Melanated Immortals Making Evolutionary Changes (MIMEC).

Ma’at has focused her energy on clearing womb energy and beliefs in order to restore the true function and frequency of the womb in Black Women. Out of this movement, she has developed a technique called A.W.E. (Ancestral Womb Elevation), in which the participants identify and elevate the traumatized womb energy of their first enslaved ancestor.   This technique along with many others are now a part of her Womb Evolution program.

Her new book UnWombded: Unlocking the Universal Uterus answers the question of Whatz In Your Womb from a Mental/Spiritual perspective using newly revealed ancient ancestral knowledge and insights. The book begins where we left off with Whatz In Your Womb with designing your own deity. Now we know that deity is you and this book uncovers how to become what you already are by revealing some little known functions of the womb, full insight into the inner workings of the brain and womb and the solution maintaining your highest level of being.

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Maat’s Speaking Endeavors (Partial)

Melanated Immortals Making Evolutionary Changes (MIMEC) 1st & 2nd Annual Dawtas of the Moon Convention
Vegan Flava Cafe Healing Wheel Conference
The Maat Foundation, Pan Afrikan Charity Natural Hair Cafe Expo
Love Being A Part Congressional Black Caucus
Soul Psychic Fair Opening Speaker for KRS-One
Groove Movement Facilitator for various online Webinars & Radio Show Host