podcast episode 3 of womb evolution

In this podcast episode, High Priestess Ma’at em Maakheru Amen discusses an experience where she witnessed the promotion of the extinction of the original woman. She provides details on how she came across a specific program released to the public in the form of a TV series that shows what some individuals are programming to be our future.

She also introduces you to melanin dominate women (black women) that have taken a stand and created a program that assists other melanin dominant women with releasing pain and suffering stored in our tissues from years of oppression.


Episode Highlights:

  • Alarming statistics of the daily death rate of Melanated women
  • How Hollywood promotes the extinction of the Original woman
  • How protons, electron, and neutrons form thoughts
  • How melanin and the universal uterus can be used to neutralize and promote new thought forms
  • Evolving by reclaiming the legacy of the Original Mother
  • Evolving by placing a high value on each other

Listen to this podcast episode below:
(Music by Sa-Roc)

Resources mentioned in this episode:


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