Introduction to Womb Evolution

Introduction to Womb Evolution

womb evolution podcast episode 1

Kemetic High Priestess, Ma’at em Maakheru Amen, created the Womb Evolution Podcast to reveal revolutionary information for melanin dominant women (black women) related to how you can access the information stored in your DNA, so that you can evolve your consciousness from a Womb Consciousness (storage) to Uterine (Universal) Awareness. This will allow you to restore the functionally of your full feminine system and heal post-traumatic slave syndrome and feminine disorders, alleviate stress, and improve relationships.

On this first episode Ma’at discusses the following:

  • What Womb Evolution is all about
  • Details on what you will learn on future podcast episodes
  • How to reach Ma’at directly
  • An important caution for healing practitioners

Listen to this podcast episode below:
(Music by Sa-Roc)

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