In this podcast episode, High Priestess Ma’at em Maakheru Amen talks about stress on the feminine system, and why stress disproportionately affects melanin dominant women (black women). She dives deep into the relationship between your soul and your body, and how to improve your situation.

Episode Highlights:

  • An important point to remember about the body, soul, God/Goddess, and Divine Beings
  • How to instruct your body and the molecules around you to improve your condition
  • The “old template” and how it’s effecting you
  • Ways to change your DNA to evolve
  • How elevating your ancestors effect you
  • The mindset of a Universe Carrier
  • The difference between the womb and the uterus (Yes, there’s a difference)
  • Where the knowledge base is in your body
  • A simple way to balance your uterus and retain information in your cells

Listen to this podcast episode below:
(Music by Sa-Roc)

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