What is the Womb Evolution Technique (W.E.T.)?

This is a reinstating and evolution of a system that Ma’at began over 13 years ago with her first business, the URban Energy Center.  Now with a balanced brain and years of experience with a variety of women’s lifestyle situations including her own, she is divinely equipped and expertly trained to guide an individual through a total evolution of what we think of as the Womb.

This Evolutionary technique incorporates Maat’s Y.O.U. (Your Own Uniqueness) coaching, along with her expertise in a variety of mental, emotional, and spiritual modalities.

Benefits Include:

  • A Mindset and Attitude Shift towards becoming “unWombded” to unlocking your Universal Uterus
  • Clear direction and guidance of your purpose
  • Techniques to help you evolve daily
  • Tools to realign yourself with Natural Order
  • Self  Study (Evolve at your own pace)
  • Womb Evolution Community Forum (for your continued support)
  • LIVE Broadcasts from Ma’at em Maakheru Amen

Click here to Get W.E.T. the Womb Evolution Technique! 

Fee:  $350 (payment plans available)