What is the Womb Evolution Technique (W.E.T.)?

This is an evolution of a system that Ma’at began over 13 years ago with her first business, the URban Energy Center.  Now with a balanced brain and years of experience with a variety of women’s lifestyle situations including her own, she is divinely equipped and expertly trained to guide an individual through a total evolution of what we think of as the Womb.

This Evolutionary technique incorporates Maat’s Y.O.U. (Your Own Uniqueness) coaching, along with her expertise in a variety of mental, emotional, and spiritual modalities.

Our mission is to awaken, expand, and sustain the natural divinity in melanin dominant women worldwide.  We accomplish this through our Womb Evolution Pathways:

Womb Evolution Technique Pathway

Woke Course:  Beginning & Maintaining Your Spiritual Journey

Seduce the Subconscious!

This course is a must for all beginners and those stuck in their spiritual journey.  Study, practice, and integration of the tools in this course enables the participants to begin changing their minds and matters.

7 Day Chakra Opening Ritual

Unblock the Mind

This course is used to Sankofa and evolve your knowledge and integration of the Chakras and their blockages.  Even if you have knowledge of Chakras, this will be an upgrade!

13 Tones of Creation

Get Grounded in Purpose

This class introduces participants to their Galactic purpose or incarnation through using the 13 Moon calendar and Olmec archetypes which mimics natural feminine rhythms.  Getting to know and understand your archetype and tones confirms who you have always been and grounds you to operate in purpose.

Womb Evolution Technique (W.E.T.)

Divine Femininity: becoming a universe carrier

Participants are now ready to begin the path to Divine Femininity.  There are two levels to this course, one is to awaken the other is to empower and integrate.  The evolutionary information and techniques included in this system are like no other. 

Supplemental Tools

Y.O.U. Coaching

Y.O.U. Coaching is designed for those who aspire to operate on purpose and hold their frequency.  What we know is that much of what frustrates us and keeps our awareness occupied is the state  of our emotions. Therefore, clients will receive the appropriate support and spiritual tools to assist them with developing an approach to daily living that is congruent with your natural divinity. 

Sensuality Coaching

Many of us have been compressing our true sensuality through promiscuity and voyeurism, however, divine sensuality is the divine feminine’s natural expression.  Our coach has several years of experience and integration of this method.

Health & Wellness

Our healer grows and cultivates her own herbal formulas and have used many of them to help countless people to dissolve their disorders.  She is available to help with weight loss, beauty regimens, dis-ease, and general health.  

Financial Fitness

No mother of matter(s) aka woman, should have financial issues.  While you are building your mental and spiritual awareness, we have a program to help you build financial fitness.

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