podcast episode 4 of womb evolution

In this podcast episode, High Priestess Ma’at em Maakheru Amen challenges us to examine whether or not we would be at the highest versions of ourselves without haters.  Can we give it up for an unknown experience?  Are we haters ourselves because we have haters?  She gives an example of how she herself has triggered the hater experience.  .

She also gives an example of another level of focus that does not include having haters.  She invites us to join the Melanated Mother Code Transmission & Movement.

Episode Highlights:

  • Can you give up having haters?
  • Do you want to and are you a hater too?
  • Why shifting out of this mindset will help you evolve to your highest frequency
  • Some ideas about what’s on the other side of your highest frequency

Listen to this podcast episode below:
(Music by Sa-Roc)

Resources mentioned in this episode:


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